YOUniversal Products is set to begin selling 10 inch clear plant saucers on Amazon, a globally recognized online retailer. Initial they plan to sell these saucers in 5 packs in a 10" size. But they have plans for expanding their offering of sizes and package quantities in the near future. The plant saucers are expected to be available on Amazon by Wednesday, March 16th 2016.

These saucers are traditionally used throughout the the home and garden for both plants and flowers. Their main purpose is to catch excess water and soil that may be spilled while caring for plants and flowers. Additionally they provide a stable surface to rest pots on while also allowing proper airflow to prevent mold and mildew from building up under plants.

"We are very excited to offer these made in America plant saucers" said Dan Vander Vort, spokesman for YOUniversal Products, LLC. He went on to say "While these saucers may seem like they are nothing special, they actually play a critical role in the proper care of your plants because without them you would under water your plants or spill excess water and soil." Initially the plant saucers will be offered in clear vinyl, but YOUniversal Products does have plans to produce larger sizes and offer a variety of colors at a later date.

Initially YOUniversal Products plans to distribute these plant saucers solely on Amazon, but they already have future plans in the works to sell them on their own website as well as in traditional brick and mortar stores. More information about these plant saucers can be found on the manufacturer's Amazon page or by visiting their website.